Making your own WebPage(s) can be a very easy or a very hard thing to do dependant on the tools you have to help you, I have provided some links to other sites and information on some easy to use Tools in  my download section , these are all free trial versions and if you like them I recommend you purchase them.

Netscape communicator (download here) is probably the cheapest and easiest way to start, for instructions on how to use Netscape communicator click here have a play with it and learn as you go, it can be fun and quite exciting when you see your own website on the World Wide Web, you don't have to be a genius to do it, just be patient it will all come together, if yo have any problems you call always call for my help  Ill be glad to assist, I was a beginner once, I know what its like.

A few things to keep in mind when designing a web page are.
  • Keep images to a minimum and keep them small (in size and file size (there is a difference) click here for an example as you can see by that example, if you have a few pictures on a web page and they are optimised, you can dramatically speed up the load time of your page.

  • Avoid large amounts of java applets, java applets can give some great effects but they do take time to load and if a visitor has to wait for it to load they may just leave.

  • Sounds are great and add a nice touch to a site, however if you are going to use sounds make sure the files are not too big, for example if you want background music, make sure you use a midi file rather than a wav as a wav file is a lot larger for the same time duration.

  • Background Make it appealing to the eye, ensure that the background doesn't make it hard to read the text.

  • Browsers its also important to make sure you page will look ok in both Netscape and Internet Explorer as some times they may format your page in different ways, so its a good idea to have both browsers installed on your computer and preview you page in both.

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